Len's Apply for Mod.

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Len's Apply for Mod.

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What is your name? My name is Len IGN: Koby_Crafter

What is your age? I am 17.

What is your timezone/location? Erm. Pacific TimeZone

How long have you been on the [Block]Zone Minecraft Server? Hard one. a Month

Why do you want to apply for Moderator status? Well Greifers. Its better to have an extra set of eyes.

Have you ever held any staff positions before on any other servers? Yes. Twice

What are some special things you have done in the World of Minecraft? in reality? I have Learned the full use of command blocks! Life? um i don't know Sorry.

Have you ever griefed or been banned from a server? I have Been banned once. why? stupid server i just joined and i was banned? does that sound like a problem?

How many hours do you play Minecraft per day? 4-8 hours almost every day.

Are you in school or do you have a job? Im in school

How long have you been a member of [Block]Zone Community? I just joined ;)

How many hours can you contribute daily to moderating? 4-7 hours

My IGN is Koby_Crafter

Are you aware that if you are offered the position of becoming a moderator, your moderating duties will be your first priority on the server? Yes. Yes I am.

Do you understand that this is a volunteer position and that you will not recieve any income/money if offered to become a mod? Yes. i don't really want money

Have you read and agree to follow all Moderator rules? Yes. Yes I Did
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