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Hunting_wold Mod App

Post by Godspain »

What is your name? Connor

What is your age?15

What is your timezone/location? Central Time Minnesota

How long have you been on the [Block]Zone Minecraft Server? over a year at least

Why do you want to apply for Moderator status? because ive been on the server long enough to see some of the mods become super builders and i feel with all the new poeple im on when they all join

Have you ever held any staff positions before on any other servers? No

What are some special things you have done in the World of Minecraft? in reality? I don't really do much i like technology

Have you ever griefed or been banned from a server? no

How many hours do you play Minecraft per day? as much as possible if i get board i play another game and com back 2-4 depending

Are you in school or do you have a job? In school and help on the farm spring and fall

How long have you been a member of [Block]Zone Community? over a year i believe

How many hours can you contribute daily to moderating? As many i can online 2-4 depending

Are you aware that if you are offered the position of becoming a moderator, your moderating duties will be your first priority on the server? Yes

Do you understand that this is a volunteer position and that you will not recieve any income/money if offered to become a mod? Yes im not in it for money

Have you read and agree to follow all Moderator rules? Yes
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