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Q: How do I gain Rank?
A: Build, Be respectful, and follow the rules.

Q: Can I be an admin?
A: No

Q: Why cant I use some things in guest world?
A: We removed some things to minimize grief, a moderator can place those things for you.

Q:What happens if I grief?
A: If you are a guest you are banned and undone immediately, if you have gained rank you will be jailed to be questioned.

Q: What is griefing?
A: breaking or adding on to someone else's work without their permission.

Q: Do I ever have to pay money to server owners?
A: No, the server is completely free however if you would like we do take donations.

Q: How do I become a Mod?
A: We will always say no if you ask to be a Mod. We look for someone that is mature, and trustworthy, someone that is active on the fourms and server. Typically it is someone that has been with the server for quite sometime. If you meet these expectations we may offer you the position.

Q: Can my siblings play on the server with my account?
A: No, it is one account per person here, if your siblings cause havoc or grief on the server you will be held responsible no exceptions. We suggest you don't give your password to your siblings and if they already know it, change it.

Q: How do I type in colors?
A: You must type & then a number which corresponds to a color
Example: &1 hello
Colors codes: Image

~more Q&A will be added as I think of them
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