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Ventrillo Server

Post by CoolJam105 »

Hello All,

I've setup a Ventrilo server for blockzone to use. I set it up to give everyone the chance to talk to each other rather than just thru messages. If you are interested in joining all you have to do is download Ventrilo at this link.

the server info is port 3784 and no password.

you will need a microphone so you can talk to people, and may need to set it up in the vent program. If you have any issues during setup please refer to their guide here

If you are still having trouble feel free to ask, or just google a youtube video, its very easy to use and not bloaty like Skype. I have been using Ventrilo for a long time so please don't complain it doesn't work and tell me to use something else like teamspeak, mumble or Skype. I have used all of those in the past and do not like them as much as Ventrilo.

Hope to talk to you soon :D
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