Griefing team

If you have an issue with another player (he killed you and took your stuff or griefed your house) Post it here with what exactly happened and a mod will discuss it with you. Be prepared to show everything that took place on the server because we do not ban or jail without proof from the logs.
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Griefing team

Post by Drac »

I was alone and suddenly a group of 5 people joined. I knew it was a griefing team because they all came like within 30 seconds, so I tp'd to them. I saw one guy trying to fly in BZ and then they went to guest and started griefing, spamming blocks,blowing up tnt(they got kicked from it but then came back),and spamming exp potions. :roll:

Pictures, First one has their names(The new people).
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Re: Griefing team

Post by CoolJam105 »

Thanks for letting us know Drac, don't worry about it they can only do things to guest world, and all of it can be undone when they are banned. Also if they are using a hacked client they will be kicked constantly, and most likely will get tired and leave.
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